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For many of us starting our careers out there, or those already having a well-formed life, we have always dreamt of earning more. Many people lookout for a new job with a high pay raise while many choose to have a second income by working as freelancers. None of that is negative but as someone has said “make your money work for you”. That means growing money, by using money, without much day-to-day effort.

Well, everyone here also knows the basics of stock markets, mutual funds, etc investment instruments…


You should know Docker, basic concept of CI/CD& basic of what Jenkins is used for

You should have Linux OS like Ubuntu, Java (OpenJDK 11) & Docker installed


This project was created to install Jenkins on a local machine (Ubuntu 16.04) and create a basic pipeline with GitHub & Docker

We will be doing is

  • Installing Jenkins and running it, on a local machine
  • Creating a docker image
  • Pushing it to docker hub using Jenkins’ pipeline


Installing Jenkins

1. Add repository keystream

wget -q -O — https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian-stable/jenkins.io.key | sudo apt-key add -
You must get a response printed as `OK`


DevOps has become a very essential role in today’s software development teams. As we all know that the main job of a DevOps engineer is to handle integrations and deployments in an Agile environment. It covers operations like setting up CI/CD pipelines, containerizing applications, setting up servers, etc.

In an agile environment, teams continuously commit their changes to a version control system, these commits include new features, improvisations over old features, and bug fixes in the system. To reflect these changes on the Testing/UAT/Production servers, pipelines are set up that can pull the latest code from the version control system…

Varun Gujarathi


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